Staging with Art

Original artwork can emphasize the natural beauty of your home. The paintings are for sale as well, please contact me or the artists directly if you are interested. Artist statements and contact information is below.

4875 Qualla Dr.

1850 Folsom St #209

Meet the Artists

Page Zekonis

I explore the influence of memory and the fleeting nature of the present moment through painting. In my landscapes, I focus on the shifting impressions of the horizon line, the liminal space where land and water meet, and the layers of time that are found on the surface of the ground. In my figure paintings, I try to capture tenuous and transitional times of life.

When my son was little we would go for walks and mark off a square foot in the ground or under a tree and discover the world that lived in that square. Painting is a similar process for me. Most of my work happens in the studio with memory, sketches or photographs as references.

Terrell S. Minton

My paintings reflect not only my love of nature but also my interest in finding and simplifying elements in the natural environment. I want my paintings to be about energy and color and my intent is to allow for a certain amount of mystery that the viewers can fill in for themselves. What excites me is the richness of the colors  and the textures of the oils. My goal is to always have the process of painting be essential and alive. I paint from my imagination, from direct experience and from sensory memories of familiar places and events in my life. Moments of emotional richness inspire me, where changes in the environment overlay an internal harmony of the senses.

Robin Allegra

Movement and time are essential elements of my work. I record my feelings of things, experiences, and places, letting intuition be my guide. I engage my materials in a sensual approach, playing with the relationships of conscious thought and present 'being', watching for what arises and happy accidents along the way. I watch for emerging patterns and find beauty and order in the daily chaos presented by time, weather, and human interactions with our surroundings. I am drawn to the rougher edges everywhere in wild and urban environments. I am compelled by the forgotten, the abandoned, the overlooked, and the broken. Maybe it is my search to reunite what has passed to what is now, to heal past events, and highlights the mysteries still alive. There is infinite beauty and mysteries to be enjoyed and discovered.

4800 Qualla Dr.